Could snow days be a thing of the past for schools?

Could snow days be a thing of the past for schools?
It's a question being raised in the Hudson Valley after the Goshen Central School District decided to cancel them for the year.
The decision is stirring up controversy, with mixed reaction from parents and even an online petition to bring snow days back.
The district posted the announcement on its website last week.
New York City schools made headlines in September for also canceling snow days for its students.
The decision changes how staff is paid as well.
Interim Superintendent Daniel Connor says unlike last year, virtual days that would have been snow days will be unpaid for many hourly employees adding, "These are different times, and we are trying to make sure our kids get a quality education. I'm hopeful things will be back to normal next year."
And while there's talk statewide about applying unused snow days to summer break, Connor says that it's not currently something the district is considering.
Do you think snow days should be canceled due to virtual learning? News 12 posted a poll online. So far 52% say no and to keep snow days. A total of 48% say they agree kids can use the extra time to study.