Cuomo racks up police endorsements in Pirro's back yard

Democratic attorney general candidate Andrew Cuomo racked up major police endorsements in rival?s Jeanine Pirro?s own back yard Wednesday.
More than 50 Westchester law enforcement agencies threw their support behind Cuomo. The endorsement is another blow to Pirro, who for 12 years was the county?s top law enforcer. Many police officers say they had difficulty working with Pirro when she was district attorney. They say they don't feel it would be any different if she were state attorney general.
Many are also citing the revelation that Pirro is currently under federal investigation for allegedly plotting to wiretap her husband?s boat over a possible affair. Cuomo says when it comes to ethics all people need to do is look to his background and his past position as former HUD secretary under President Clinton. Pirro has continually pointed out Cuomo?s lack of experience as an attorney in her campaign.
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