Dad claims school district failed to take action after son’s bullying

A Suffern father says his 10-year-old son’s school district failed to take action after the child was bullied at school.
Andrew Dale says his son, who lives with disabilities, started getting physically and verbally harassed in March at Richard P. Connor Elementary School.
"We tried to go to the deputy superintendent, the superintendent and the school board, and none of it was being addressed,” he says.
Dale says despite their pleas for help, there was barely any communication from school officials. He says it all came to a head in September when two girls in his son's class told him to kill himself.
"He actually went to a teacher and said, ‘Do I have to do what these girls said in order for people to realize how bad this is for me?’" says Dale.
Dale and his wife took their son out of school for 13 days and then transferred him to another school after they say school officials didn’t follow through on implementing a safety plan at R.P. Connor.
Dale believes there is a conflict of interest in accountability that goes back to the school's principal and the deputy superintendent, who is her direct supervisor.
"If he was willing to ignore us in reference to pleas for our son and his safety, what other issues is he willing to ignore for this principal he's in a relationship with?” he asks.
A spokesperson for the school district released a statement saying that the "school district takes all allegations of bullying extremely seriously and we did so in this matter...Every complaint was investigated thoroughly and the parents have received numerous communications from the district with specific recommendations to meet the needs of their child...The parent's partial presentation of documents completely misrepresents the facts in this matter. All allegations by the parents to the contrary are completely false."