Deadly batch of heroin circulating throughout Hudson Valley

The Rockland County District Attorney?s office announced Tuesday that a deadly batch of heroin is circulating through Hudson Valley.
Investigators say in the past three weeks there have been six deaths related to the apparent deadly batch of heroin. Three people in Pennsylvania, two in New Jersey and one in Rockland County have died from overdoses. Police say another person from Spring Valley is on life-support from an overdose.
Police say the death in Rockland is related to a batch of heroin with the name ?Ray Charles? on the bag. However, the district attorney warns that the whole shipment may be spread out among 30 or 40 dealers and stamped with many different names. Rockland County?s medical examiner says the deaths were caused by the heroin?s potency.
Law enforcement has spread the word to police officials in Albany, who will get the information out across state lines.