Department of Transportation to implement traffic calming plan on White Plains Road

A chaotic traffic situation on a major Bronx street could soon get much calmer.
The Department of Transportation is moving forward with a traffic calming plan for a nearly 3-mile section of White Plains Road, which it has labeled a "high-crash corridor" between Birchall and Soundview avenues.
The goal is to organize traffic better, reduce the ability to speed and make the area safer for pedestrians. Most residents say anything that will help keep people safer and slow down cars is a welcome change.
Officials say the road has seen four traffic-related deaths in the past two years. The plan coincides with Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative to eliminate pedestrian fatalities across the city.
The changes, which include modifying parking lanes and adding a left turn bay, are expected to take effect in September.
Community Board 9 Chairman William Rivera says the plan also includes repainting the road's faded lines. He says some sections of the road will keep four lanes because of the traffic.