Driver hailed as hero for saving school kids stuck on busy road

A driver is being hailed a hero after helping two young children out of a dangerous situation in Monsey.
Lipa Rubin is being recognized by Assemblyman-elect Mike Lawler for his heroic actions.
Rubin's dashcam footage shows two kids getting off a school bus in heavy traffic Friday afternoon on Main (Route 306) and Orchard streets. The children were blocked between a high snowbank, the bus, and the busy roadway - and the bus driver pulls away.
The video shows Rubin crossing the opposite lane to block traffic and helps the kids get to a safe spot on the sidewalk.
There is no word on who the bus driver was, but when the video was slowed down, "Chestnut Ridge Transportation" is seen on the side of the bus.
Another dashcam video posted Sunday on Facebook shows a bus with Chestnut Ridge Transportation written on the side cutting off a car on North Main Street and Locust Street in Ramapo. It then turns onto a street with the door wide open.
Chestnut Ridge Transportation spokesperson Lloyd Singer said in a statement, "What happened in Monsey is inexcusable. The driver has been removed from service pending investigation. If we determine that any of our systems need to be changed or strengthened, we will take action. There is no greater responsibility than the safe transport and delivery of young children — and we take that responsibility very seriously."