Dutchess voters favor proposition to redraw county legislature district line

Voters in Dutchess County seem to be favoring a proposition that would allow an independent commission to come in and redraw county legislature districts, although absentee ballots have still not been counted.
If approved, the county legislature majority and minority chairs will now each pick two people.
From there, all four of them will have to agree on three more people to help complete their group for redistricting Dutchess County.
"We were very happy. It's going to be a fair and open process, and I've got, quite honestly, I've had people on both sides of the aisle criticize this, so that means it must be pretty fair," says chairman and county legislator Gregg Pulver.
There are more than 30,000 absentee ballots in Dutchess County.
Counting is set to begin on Tuesday, Nov. 10.