East End Lofts, long-delayed apartment complex geared toward artists, breaks ground in Newburgh

Construction of an apartment complex geared toward growing the city's arts scene is finally underway after nearly four years of delays.
Contractors were at the lot on South Colden Street Tuesday preparing it for Kearney Development Group to build the East End Lofts.
The project is expected to have 66 units with rents adjusted for low, middle and high-income earners. Forty of the units will be allocated to artists of all genres.
Local arts advocate Gabrielle Hill was especially pleased with the project, despite her concerns over the overall slow pace of development.
She would like for the artists who eventually live in the East End Lofts to do outreach for young people in Newburgh.
"Let's give the residents of this community an opportunity to creatively express some of this anger," she said.
Kearney is receiving about $6 million in Housing and Community Renewal grants to go toward the project.
The Land Use Board and City Council have approved the project. The parcel was awarded to Kearney in 2019.
Mayor Torrance Harvey said Friday that the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the East End Lofts plan.
"Because of the global health care crisis, we all endured together, there have been a lot of setbacks," the mayor said, "But they're finally ready to break ground. They've already cleared the land."
A city spokesperson told News 12 in an email it could take another two years to complete the project.
The timeframe is preliminary and may change because "the unknowns encountered during site development often present challenges that impact overall timelines," he said.
Kearney was not immediately available for comment Tuesday.