Failing Foundations: Aging infrastructure, neglect to blame for delays inside rail tunnel connecting NJ, NY

Train delays inside the tunnel that connects New York and New Jersey are caused by aging infrastructure and neglect, according to a Team 12 investigation. Those delays are also costing commuters thousands of hours-worth of delays throughout the tristate areas.
A Team 12 Investigation uncovered systemic delays that originate inside the tunnel, causing a ripple effect throughout the region. In just the first three months of 2021, data showed passengers experienced over 3,000 minutes of delays. Many of those delays occur because of its aging infrastructure.
Team 12 Investigates obtained data which shows in 2020 alone, passengers experienced over 12,500 minutes of delays because of aging infrastructure inside the North River Tunnel.
The tunnel is the last stretch of a critical 10 miles of infrastructure that connects New Jersey to New York. More than 200,000 passengers ride over it daily.
The Gateway Program and four critical pieces of infrastructure are responsible for the ripple effect of delays that range from 87 to 115 years old.
The 111-year-old tunnel has only one track in and out – with dripping leaks, cracks and extensive corrosion from Superstorm Sandy. However, it continues to operate as delays perpetually get worse every year.
Team 12 Investigates obtained an independent review of the tunnel, detailing the significant causes of these major delays. The review says the tunnel does not meet global best practice and contributes to system failures.
The Gateway Development Commission says the bridges and tunnels along the 10-mile stretch will be getting facelifts through rehabilitation and rebuilding.
The project is a major agenda item on President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan. While officials say a plan is in the works to get these projects completed, passengers hope the necessary work for a reliable ride will happen.