Family: Cemetery buried loved one in wrong place, exhumed body without consent

A Spring Valley family is suing a cemetery and a funeral home after they found out their loved one was buried in the wrong place, dug up and reburied without their permission.
The Booth family lost their father back in February.
He was supposed to be buried on top of their mother’s grave, in a double plot they purchased at Brick Church Cemetery in Spring Valley back when she passed away in 2005.
The family learned about a mistake after a random call to the funeral director two days after he was buried.
It seems that the father was buried in another area, and another body was already on top of their mother’s grave.
"He said 'Can I tell you something?' I said 'What?' He goes 'Your sister is right, your dad is supposed to go on top of your mom, we buried him in the wrong place and the person on top of your mom, we had to exhume that body and we had to exhume your dad's body and put your dad on top of your mother's body,’" says Tamme Booth.
The Booth family’s attorney says it’s illegal to exhume a body without the family’s consent. One needs to have a consent form signed by the family, which the cemetery didn't have.
The family is seeking $55 million in damages.