Family faces eviction over visiting dogs

A Riverdale family faces eviction after their co-op claims they're violating the building's no-dog policy - even though the two dogs don't live with them, they just visit the family.
The Hymen family says Rocky and Vespa are more than just dogs.
"These are my babies," says the dogs' owner Julie Hyman. "I love these dogs and I treat them like my children."
But, the co-op says Rita and Murray Hymen are violating the no-dog policy, which could lead to the family's eviction. The Hymen's say the dogs just visit, they don't live in the building.
Julie Hyman takes care of her mother Rita, who was left permanently disabled in a car accident, and brings the dogs on daily visits.
"We play, we have fun," says Rita Hymen. "[Rocky] goes on the floor and wants me to give him a tummy rub."
Now the Hymens are suing the co-op for violating disability rights. They say the dogs provide therapy for both Rita and Julie's grandfather, Sal Markowicz. The family made a claim with the New York State Division of Human Rights over the issue.
Building management says in a statement, "The board of the building is just trying to have all the residents follow the rules. ? If the Hymen's will follow the no-dog policy, then they will not get evicted."