Family of dead Monroe man demands NJ prosecutor take action

Family and friends of a Monroe man who was fatally shot by a New Jersey State park ranger are calling on the Bergen County Prosecutor?s office to take action.
Emil Mann was shot three times by a Ringwood State Park officer April 1 in Ringwood State Park in New Jersey after a confrontation with officers. Mann eventually died from his injuries. Police say Mann, along with other members of the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation, were illegally riding ATVs. Four park officers are on paid leave after the incident. One has since returned to work. No arrests were made.
The Ramapough tribe wants to know why a grand jury hasn't been convened to hear evidence in the case. Mann?s family members say in the six months since his death the prosecutor's office has done little to find out what actually happened that day. Mann?s widow and friends are protesting what they call a slow investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor's office.
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