Family of Ildefonso Romero, killed after allegedly being punched by teen, calls for tougher penalties in punch-out deaths

An event was held today to raise awareness and call for stronger penalties for punch-out deaths following the death of a Bronx man.
Ildefonso Romero, also known as Junior, was killed when he tried to break up a fight between two teens last month.
One teen punched him and he hit the concrete. Romero later died.
The accused attacker is facing a misdemeanor charge, which carries a penalty of six months to a year in prison.
Romero's son, Noel, says his family wants a stronger sentence.
A stickball game was held in Romero's honor today to raise awareness about a bill being pushed by local politicians that would toughen penalties for deaths caused by punching.
Officials with the District Attorney's Office told News 12 that according to current law, they cannot bring stronger charges against the accused. They say their sympathies are with the family of the victim.