Father Peter Pomposello leaves Holy Cross Church in Soundview to become Catholic chaplain in US Army

Church members in Soundview held a picnic Saturday to bid farewell to a priest who will be heading to the military.
Father Peter Pomposello, who has been a priest at Holy Cross Church, made the decision to enter the US Army as a Catholic chaplain.
While Pomposello admits he will miss Holy Cross members, he believes he has always been destined for this new journey.
"I wanted to serve my country and the Army since I joined when I was 18," he says. "And God gave me a detour, he gave me the off-ramp to the priesthood, and I get to go back as a soldier and a priest, and so I'm excited."
Father Pomposello will be replaced by Father Carlos Rodriguez, who also witnessed Pomposello's last Mass at the church.