Father pleads not guilty to criminally negligent homicide in alleged starvation of 7-year-old

Arturo Cuacuas, the father of the 7-year-old boy who prosecutors say was locked in a bedroom and starved to death, was arraigned Friday on a charge of criminally negligent homicide.
Arturo Cuacuas remained silent in Newburgh City Court, as his attorney entered a not guilty plea in the February death of Cuacuas' 7-year-old son, Peter.
Cuacuas is accused of turning a blind eye to the alleged neglect and abuse that killed his son, who had autism.
Prosecutors say the father's girlfriend, Leticia Bravo, was the boy's main caretaker. She is charged with murder.
At Cuacuas' arraignment Friday, prosecutors said they anticipate a plea deal will be reached with the deceased boy's father later and the case was adjourned for grand jury review.
Prosecutors say Peter Cuacuas weighed 37 pounds when he died and spent his final days locked in a bedroom.
Charges against his parents were filed three weeks ago, eight months after the boy's death last February.
Prosecutors say the boy missed school for 60 days before he died, and that administrators made contact with his parents about the absences but never saw him in person.