Father walks 1,200 miles barefoot across Northeast to raise funds for treatment of daughter's rare disease

Chris Brannigan started his barefoot walk in Maine, walking 60,000 steps a day. News 12 caught up with him to discuss the special reason behind his trek.

News 12 Staff

Sep 25, 2021, 12:14 AM

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A British Army officer is on a 1,200-mile trek barefoot through most of the Northeast to raise money and awareness about a rare genetic disorder that impacts his daughter.
The disease, called CDLS, is characterized by reduced growth, premature aging, severe anxiety and other many other issues.
There is no cure for CDLS, that's why Chris Brannigan started the Hope for Hasti foundation, named after his daughter. The foundation helps develop gene therapy treatment for her and any other child who suffers from it.
Brannigan started his barefoot walk in Maine last month, walking 60,000 steps a day.
News 12 met up with the father in Scarsdale.
“When you have a sick child, you panic and you worry, you want to do everything you can,” he says. “I would rather be doing anything else than walking barefoot, but this is the only way we have to raise this money.”
Brannigan has about another 600 miles to go to make his final destination of Jacksonville, North Carolina.
All of the money raised will go toward finding gene therapy for CDLS.
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