Federal judge rules Port Chester voting system discriminates

A White Plains federal judge ruled the village of Port Chester's voting system discriminates against Hispanics.
The Justice Department filed suit against Port Chester in December. Cesar Ruiz lost a bid for trustee back in 2001, even though testimony showed he had the backing of Hispanics. Ruiz claimed the at-large voting system did not allow for a Hispanic to be elected, while almost half of the village?s 28,000 residents are Hispanic. Ruiz says a district system will allow Hispanics to be properly represented.
Attorneys for the village says they have made efforts over the years to recruit Hispanic candidates to run for office. Ruiz says he's getting ready to run for election again if and when districts are established. The judge also blocked an election of village trustees from taking place there in less than three weeks. The Board of Trustees has decided not to appeal the judge's preliminary injunction.