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First winter storm of 2024 brings moderate to heavy accumulations of snow in the Hudson Valley

The roads in Lower Westchester were mostly blacktop but there was a bit more snow on the roadways farther north.

Lisa LaRocca and News 12 Staff

Jan 7, 2024, 4:35 PM

Updated 190 days ago


The first snowstorm of the year brought a variety of conditions to the Hudson Valley.
Many of the roads were passable on Sunday morning. The roads in Lower Westchester were mostly blacktop but farther north in Somers, there was a bit more snow on the roadways.
Having the storm come through on a weekend with the snow falling overnight was advantageous for Department of Public Work crews throughout many communities because there were less cars on the roads, making it much easier for them to plow.
Carmel DPW crews in Putnam County have 180 miles of road to plow, so they were out working Saturday into Sunday. The focus is now on the storm that's heading the region for Tuesday.
"They're expecting two to three inches of rain potentially," said Carmel Highway Superintendent Mike Stern. "So we're going to be out there first thing tomorrow morning and all day getting all the storm drains unclogged."
DPW crews ask residents who have drains in front of their homes to help by clearing away any snow before Tuesday to help prevent flooding.
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