Flower Funeral Home faces challenges operating in time of coronavirus

A nearly 100-year-old Yonkers funeral home is facing trying times in a world sharply changed by coronavirus.
Funeral Director Mark Flower says each day he receives new mandates from both federal and state governments. He’s also received notice of religious entities that must be adhered to, like the Archdiocese of New York sharing new rules regarding wakes.
“We can't have any public wakes whatsoever, can only be immediate family, and if it’s immediate family, they only want up to 10 immediate family members,” says Flower.
Cardinal Dolan issued a statement, offering prayer and saying in part, “These are difficult days for all, particularly for those who have lost a loved one during this time of crisis. If anyone wishes to share with me the names of a loved one who dies during this crisis, I will be sure to pray for him or her during my own Mass.”
The funeral director also mentioned a change in the way burials must be conducted as cemeteries and religions are coming up with their own rules.
“Some cemeteries want people not to come at all..some want them to stay in their car,” he says.
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