State Thruway Authority Board votes to approve price hike in tolls on Thruway, Mario Cuomo Bridge

The State Thruway Board of Directors is expected to approve a proposal to raise all tolls on the 570-mile highway from Buffalo to the Bronx.

Emily Young

Sep 18, 2023, 10:22 AM

Updated 309 days ago


The New York State Thruway Authority Board voted Monday to approve a price hike in tolls along the 570-mile stretch from the Bronx to Buffalo that make up the New York State Thruway. 
NY E-ZPass rates will increase by 5% on Jan. 1, 2024 and again by 5% on Jan. 1, 2027.
But that's not all - E-ZPass rates for the Mario Cuomo Bridge, which currently costs $5.75, will go up 50 cents a year for the next four years.
Without E-ZPass, that same trip is going to cost you $13.56
"Its almost like a luxury to live here now. If you can afford it, you can be here," said commuter Michael Rabet when he heard about the toll hike.
The Thruway Authority says this price increase is needed to upkeep their aging roads and bridges, many of which were laid back in the 1950s. The price hike will allow an investment in the infrastructure - 90% of their funding comes straight from the tolls.
This fare hike would bring in an estimated $500 million over four years.
"They inflated everything, right?" says Rabet. "Everything. All the costs of living, taxes, the only thing that didn't go up is pay....salary."
This is the first E-ZPass toll increase in 14 years and discount plans will remain in place. 

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