Good Samaritan from NYC honored for helping Yonkers police take down active shooter last month

A New York City man is being recognized in Yonkers for jumping in to help police take down an active shooter last month.
Zacarias Green was recognized by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano and the Yonkers Police Department.
The shooting suspect was seen on surveillance video Sept. 25 being chased by officers after refusing to stop his car when he was pulled over for a traffic violation.
He then fired off five rounds of a semi-automatic gun toward innocent bystanders in Getty Square.
As a group of police officers tackled him to the ground, Green could be seen with a red bag trying to help.
He immediately stepped in, helping police take the suspect under arrest - leaving no injuries or deaths among the public and the officers.
Green says he has 15 years of background as an auxiliary officer in New York City where he lives.
He says he was in Getty Square the day of shooting working on this year's census.
Oct. 14 is now marked in honor of Green in Yonkers and in New York state.
The case is still under investigation, but 24-year-old Daren Smith, from New Rochelle, is being charged with attempted murder of a federal police officer.