Gov. Cuomo announces students expected to return to full-time in-person learning in September

Gov. Cuomo announced on May 24 that students are expected to return to in-person learning full-time come September.
He said that with new cases of COVID-related hospitalizations and deaths at their lowest points in months, there is no reason why students across New York state can't return to in-classroom learning in September.
Throughout the past year, schools have seen the growth of virtual and hybrid learning, due to the pandemic.
Most parents and educators say that nothing truly replaced being in the physical classroom.
Even though children under 12 years old are currently not eligible to receive the vaccine, many say, with the appropriate safety guidelines in place, it should not be an issue.
Educators are now waiting for state health officials to issue guidance as to what safety measures need to be in place, so that everyone can go back to the classroom full-time.
There is no word yet if state officials have any plans to require eligible students to get vaccinated.