NY coronavirus cases top 20,000, according to Gov. Cuomo

The governor also said in his briefing that vital supplies are in the process of being distributed.

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Mar 23, 2020, 2:13 PM

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NY coronavirus cases top 20,000, according to Gov. Cuomo
-Governor says numbers continue to go up and focus needs to be on reducing density and protecting the vulnerable.
-Gov. Cuomo says he wants a New York City plan. inplace to reduce density where it is still a problem. 
-NY went from testing 1,000 people per day to 16.000 per day in a matter of 10 days, the most in the United States, according to Cuomo. 
-Cuomo says the numbers will be high on positives because of the number of tests.
-'Greatest concern' remains ICU beds. 
-Issuing an emergency order today that hospitals must increase their capacity by 50%. Would ask, if possible, for a 100% increase. 
-State is asking insurance companies to help with nurse staffing, they may have nurses on staff that may not be needed or insurance purposes.  
-Gov. Cuomo again calls on federal government to help with overall manufacturing plans for vital equipment. 
-Cuomo: "Success" in securing supplies and they will be dispatched. 

-FDA has given NY approval on the testing of a drug that has potential, according to the governor. 
-20,875 cases total.  About 5,000 new cases in the state. 
-Governor says it is time to start thinking about economy and businesses in wake of PAUSE directive. 
-Cuomo says many people will get the virus, but few will be severely affected.  Says the key is to stay socially distanced, but spiritually connected.  Highlights time he's getting to spend with his daughter amid the crisis.  
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