Gov. Lamont urges teachers to get vaccinated and return to classroom

Gov. Ned Lamont was in Waterbury on Thursday where teachers said they were ready to receive their first COVID-19 vaccine come Monday.
Gov. Lamont said vaccinating school staff will get kids back in class five days a week. Individual school districts and local health departments are designing their own rollouts.
"Here in Waterbury, we're going to have a special hotline just for education staff – teachers, administrators and others,” says Mayor Neil O'Leary. “You'll call the hotline, you'll get your appointment."
Once the vaccinations are done, Waterbury's Superintendent Verna Ruffin wants her teachers back in the classroom.
"The intention is to return everybody back safely and we believe we have a plan to do that now,” she says.
Some teachers told News 12 that they are still nervous about being in class.
"Especially when students can be asymptomatic and you don't know if they have [COVID-19] or not,” says Michele Brittingham. “They don't do any random type of testing or anything like that."
Teacher Danielle Byron says the she does feel safe heading back to class, and adds, “I will feel even safer once I am vaccinated though."
For those who are not teachers, the vaccine is still being doled out by age group. On Thursday, a disability rights group sued the U.S. Office of Civil Rights, saying Gov. Lamont's new plan discriminates against people with chronic health conditions.