Greenwood Lake school district confirms staffer tested positive for COVID-19

A third school district in Orange County is now confirming a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, as health officials there warn of an uptick in cases.
The Greenwood Lake school district sent a letter home to parents confirming the COVID-19 case among staff.
Monroe-Woodbury reported a staffer tested positive the first week back to school, and Middletown also confirmed a positive case this week.
The district reopened earlier this month with a full in-class schedule and a virtual option for parents who chose to keep their children at home. It said the district closed schools Wednesday to perform contact tracing.
Despite the confirmed case, parents News 12 spoke to say it’s too early to tell whether the district’s reopening plan should change.
The cases come as county health officials urge the public to remain vigilant, warning of a slight uptick in cases.