Group gathers in Virginia Park in Parkchester to call for peace in Middle East

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine enters its third week, community members in the Bronx held a rally Friday to call for peace in the Middle East.
Dozens of Bangladeshis clad in traditional garb gathered at Virginia Park in Parkchester to call for an end to what they say is the killings of innocents in Gaza.
The group held posters that said "Stop the Genocide," "Save Gaza," and "Stop Killing Children" as they marched through the park.
They said it's not a religious issue, but a humanitarian one, and said it's time for the United States to intervene and push through a cease-fire.
The Israeli military has said it is targeting Hamas rocket launchers and structures to stop the group from firing rockets into Israel.
As of Friday, violence had taken the lives of more than 800 Israelis and Palestinians.