Harrison holds public hearing on proposed solar project

The project has received some community pushback, particularly from people who live near the country club. They have voiced safety, environmental and construction nuisance concerns.

Jonathan Gordon

Apr 30, 2024, 11:19 PM

Updated 84 days ago


There were no empty seats inside Harrison Town Hall on Tuesday night as an overflow crowd of concerned town residents voiced their opposition to a proposed solar energy project.
According to documents submitted to the town, Century Country Club would lease part of its unused land to community solar installation company Woodfield Renewables to build the project along Anderson Hill Road.
The project would require clearing out roughly 15 acres of wooded wetlands that run adjacent to the country club.
Woodfield Renewables Managing Partner Peyton Boswell attempted to reassure town residents that the project would not be an eyesore or cause additional flooding or pollution. He claimed it would improve the surrounding community.
"Unlike any other development use this project provides extremely significant environmental and carbon sequestration benefits," Boswell said.
Woodfield Renewables said anyone in the community could opt-in to receive savings generated from the community solar project which would distribute energy back to the grid. Boswell claimed residents could see a roughly 10% cut on their monthly utility costs from Con Edison.
But many who spoke at the public hearing were not convinced.
People who live along the streets surrounding the country club raised serious concerns about the impact of cutting down so many trees, flooding, water contamination and the true benefits of the project.
"In terms of the proximity to neighborhoods, the effect on the water table, wildlife, I just don't understand why we're continuing this," Harrison resident Bruce Lefkowitz said.
The Planning Board did not make a decision and decided to continue this public hearing at its next meeting on June 4 at 7 p.m.

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