Head coach: Bridgeport Central HS stadium, bathroom, locker room vandalized

The head coach for Bridgeport Central High School's football team says Kennedy Stadium's bathroom and locker room were vandalized.
The coach says the walls on the exterior part of the stadium also have graffiti on them. He says a lot of it has been done recently.
"I want the little kids to have pride in this, I don't want them to be seeing this stuff on the walls here," head coach Tom Broschardt said. "I don't want my team to see this or other teams, it gives off a negative connotation."
Inside the bathroom there are broken mirrors and doors. There is also graffiti along the stalls. The head coach says part of one of the bathrooms was recently upgraded before the incident. The city has been working to keep the area clean, and paid $300,000 to repair the roof and remodel the locker room.
The head coach says damaging the property hurts not only the team, but also the community.
"It’s about having pride in this community and this stadium has had such big artists play in the past and had such big games. The state championship used to be held here and, I believe this is the biggest stadium in the state, so for it to look like this is not only tough for the players but also the community," said Broschardt.
The school district says vandalism like this has never happened before.