Highland modified football team under investigation after sexual assault allegations against players

State police are now investigating the Highland modified football team after allegations that players sexually assaulted multiple boys in school.
A warning – this story may be upsetting for some viewers.
Highland mom Heather Goudreau says her 13-year-old eighth grader was one of the students assaulted by a group of five teenage players.
“One student threw him in the corner, while the kids sexually assaulted him,” says Goudreau.
The victim’s mother described graphic assaults to News 12 that she says her son experienced on multiple occasions. 
Goudreau says a school counselor notified her last week about the alleged abuse after speaking to her son when another victim came forward with claims of a series of gang assaults by modified football players in the locker room before practices.
“I was hurt, and I thought I failed as a mother,” Goudreau says. “It broke my heart.”
The Highland Central School District and state police are investigating. District Superintendent Joel Freer issued a statement to News 12.
“We are committed to uncovering the facts surrounding these allegations and taking appropriate action as outlined in our code of conduct.”
Goudreau says school officials identified her son as one of several victims and that 49 team members in middle school and ninth grade are being interviewed by officials as part of the investigation.
“I asked him, did this ever happen to you before, and my son said, ‘Yes. Five other times last year mom. I’m sorry.’ I asked him why he wouldn’t tell me, and he said, ‘Snitches get stitches.’”
Goudreau has filed a complaint with state police and wants to press charges.
“I don’t want this to be swept under the rug. We need to punish these kids. Bullying is very bad, and it’s happening all over,” says Goudreau.
So far, state police say no arrests have been made.