Inspection of Garnerville Home for Adults reveals hoarding condition, signs of smoking among other problems

A September inspection by the Village of West Haverstraw of the Garnerville Home for Adults revealed hoarding conditions, broken ceilings, signs of smoking among other problems.
News 12 has obtained the inspection report through a Freedom of Information request.
News 12 also spoke with Jean Burakowski, who filed a wrongful death suit against the facility after her 61-year-old brother, Roger Allen, was found dead in his room in 2018.
While the Orange County woman says she settled, the legal action was about more than the money.
"The point of my lawsuit was of course for my brother. But it was also for the rest of the people in that home,” Burakowski said. “None of them deserve to be living like that."
News 12 reporter Diane Caruso was told to leave the property by a facility employee on Thursday when she asked about where the residents were going.
Her questions came following state and village action that shut down the facility until violations were addressed.
A source says most residents have already been relocated and the rest likely should be by the end of Thursday.
News 12 obtained deed records through the Rockland County Clerk's Office.
A 2010 deed shows Garnerville Home Inc sold the property for $1.3 million to Garnerville Manor LLC.
A 2014 deed shows Garnerville Manor LLC sold the property for $1.6 million to Garnerville Home Realty LLC.
According to the state Department of Health's website, A total of 112 violations were found during 22 inspections of the Garnerville Home for Adults from April 2019 through March 2023.