Investigators pinpoint source of radioactive leak at Indian Point

Investigators have pinpointed the source of the radioactive leak at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in Buchanan.
Entergy officials says they are as sure as they can be that the source of contaminated ground water at the plant is the spent fuel pool for unit one. That unit was shut down years ago after units two and three were built. Spent fuel from unit one remained on the site in what is called a spent fuel pool.
The leak at unit one was discovered in the 1990s when Con Edison still owned the plant. Entergy officials say steps taken by Con Ed to contain the leak apparently were not fully effective. Investigators looking for the source of the contamination compared ground water to water in unit one?s spent fuel pool. Those tests led them to the conclusion the contamination is coming from the old leak. Entergy officials say even though the source of the leak was found, it could take years and millions of dollars to clean up.
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