Iona Prep welcomes students back to classroom with some big changes

News 12’s Lisa LaRocca is live at Iona Prep live all morning as kids head back to school.

News 12 Staff

Sep 8, 2023, 10:30 AM

Updated 263 days ago


Today marks the first full day for 1,000 students at Iona Preparatory School, commonly known as Iona Prep.
The private, Catholic, all-boys school, which is approaching its 107th anniversary next month, introduces several exciting new additions this year.
This includes the unveiling of a brand new 21,000-square-foot expansion to the Paul Verni Fine Arts Center.
The Prep Players express their anticipation for this year's fall and spring plays, benefiting from a larger stage and closer audience interaction. Additionally, the Rock Ensemble is gearing up for their upcoming performances in the new theater.
The school also introduces a new business center, complete with a real-time stock market ticker tape, enhancing the educational experience for over 40 years of stock market studies.
Enrollment has seen an increase across the board, with 200 new freshmen joining the Iona Prep community.
Administrators emphasize a holistic approach to education, nurturing the total development of students in mind, heart, soul, and body.
The new learning center offers a range of electives, including the new broadcast journalism class, aligning with the Gale Force Live Broadcast Center. Students are enthusiastic about the opportunity to hone their journalism skills, from writing to analysis and voice-over techniques.
Between the elementary, middle, and high schools, Iona Prep anticipates a busy and fulfilling academic year.
Alex Malecki, Director of Communications, says everyone is excited to get the new school year underway.
Brother Thomas Leto, President of Iona Prep, talks about the expansion to the Paul Verni Fine Arts Center.
Lisa talks to students involved in the school TV station.
The Iona Prep Players are ready to begin production on their version of High School Musical
Principal Dr. Anthony Casella and students are excited to start new electives like Broadcast Journalism
Iona's Rock Ensemble plays a tune

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