‘It's terrifying’: Middletown High School closed Friday due to multiple fights

Following a series of altercations and a potential security breach, Middletown High School will remain closed today.
The decision comes after incidents of violence within the school premises, which prompted officials to prioritize the safety of students and faculty.
Footage obtained by News 12 from a concerned parent depicts students engaged in altercations inside the school building. To protect the identities of the students involved, the videos have been blurred.
Reports suggest that someone attempted to breach the school's security by accessing a cafeteria window.
The recorded altercations capture students in distress, screaming amid successive fights, reflecting a distressing situation within the school environment. Despite the requirement for students to store their phones in Yondr pouches—a secure bag system—during school hours, these events were captured on cellphone video.
Law enforcement was summoned to the scene, necessitating a hold-in-place procedure. School officials have clarified that no weapons were involved, and no injuries were reported. However, the chaotic incident understandably left parents shaken.
"They won't let anybody in because of it," one parent expressed, highlighting the apprehension surrounding the situation. Another remarked, "It's terrifying. You don't want to hear this."
Both the school district and law enforcement agencies have initiated investigations. Officials have affirmed that those involved will be held accountable for their actions. Currently, there is no information available regarding the catalyst for the altercations. School authorities emphasize that this isolated incident should not define the entire student body.
The closure remains in effect as authorities work to ensure the safety and security of all individuals associated with Middletown High School.