Java love coffee shop has closed its Rockland location citing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic

People poured into the coffee shop on Lafayette Avenue in Suffern on Thursday for Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.'s last day open.
"It meant a lot to us, this was our go to spot to kind of escape the parent hood for five minutes or so," said customer Shaza Ifran.
"I've come here since I started college. Knowing that I just graduated college and now this place is gone," said customer Dylan Sentlowitz. "I think it's my favorite part of downtown Suffern."
News 12 spoke with owners Jodie Dawson and Kristine Ellis-Petrik.
"It's a bittersweet day because we've loved being in Suffern," said Ellis-Petrik.
The business has been operating for more than a decade but opened in Rockland in November 2019 and say they are now closing because of the covid-19 pandemic's impact.
Some challenges they say they faced were struggling to find employees, inflation and increasing costs to manage a business.
Adding their wholesale business took a hit too after many of their clients shuttered.
"The pandemic really took a toll. We were able to stay afloat but the recovery has really been a lot and people's habits have changed and you can only really charge so much for a cup of coffee," said Dawson.
Java Love still has two locations in Montclair New Jersey and are looking to be on the campus of Montclair State University.