Jewish Home Lifecare opens new assisted living complex on University Ave. in Kingsbridge

Jewish Home Lifecare recently opened a new assisted living complex for low-income seniors.
The organization is working to improve its reputation and show off security measures after 96-year-old dementia patient Jesse Thompson wandered out of another facility run by the organization back in May. She was found safe and sound.
The new assisted living complex on University Avenue in Kingsbridge provides 24-hour security and checks on residents throughout the night. Residents can come and go as they please after signing out.
They can also cook their own dinners, although three meals a day are provided, and enjoy a host of activities. Residents can get help with laundry and grooming, and their medical needs are taken care of.
Medical care is paid for through Medicaid. Residents are responsible for paying room and board, which is around $1,400 per month, but Jewish Home helps get them grants from the government to cover that.
There are 72 private studio apartments at the residence, and while around 75 percent are already taken, there is still room. Potential residents must be over 65 years old and eligible for Medicaid.