Justice outreach program aids veterans in reducing repeat offenses

As Veterans Day approaches, we highlight the Justice Outreach Program, a vital initiative aimed at reducing repeat offenses among veterans facing criminal charges.
Launched in Westchester in 2019, this program provides veterans in the criminal justice system with avenues to mitigate their charges.
A crucial component is the Veterans Treatment Court, designed to assist veterans grappling with mental health issues or substance abuse problems in seeking treatment.
Successful completion of the program may result in a reduction of their charge from a felony to a misdemeanor.
MaryAnn Leibowitz, Assistant District Attorney of Westchester County, stated, "Collectively as the D.A.'s office, we want to support our veterans and do as much for them considering as much as they've done for us."
Nationally in 2022, the program served over 41,000 veterans through the Veterans Justice Program. Among them, 55% were 45 years old or older, and 35% were homeless.