Lawyer says 'this family wants peace' as Kimberly Shultis faces child endangerment charges

The lawyer of Kimberly Shultis says the "family wants peace" after she appeared in court this week for allegedly abducting and hiding her daughter Paislee Shultis.
Paislee was missing for two years before police found the 6-year-old last month in the family's Saugerties home. Police say the girl was hidden inside a makeshift crawl space beneath a stairwell.
Shultis faces charges of child endangerment. She and her supporters wore blue when she arrived to the courthouse this week.
Shultis' attorney said in a statement to News 12 that the family wants peace and wore blue to signify that.
"This family wants peace. All of the people that showed up with them will continue to stand by them throughout this process," said Carol Morgan, Shultis' attorney.
Paislee's father and grandfather also face criminal charges.