Long Island Nets player, GM give advice to Uniondale students part of My Brother's Keeper program

The Long Island Nets took a break between games Monday to give back to the community of Uniondale.
Students at Uniondale High School who are part of the My Brother's Keeper program spent the day with Nets player Treveon Graham and general manager J.R. Holden.
The program was launched by former President Barack Obama in 2014 to help boys and young men of color reach their full potential.
Graham and Holden spoke about the importance of education, especially for students who might be interested in a career in sports.
They both say they hope that by sharing details of how important their educations were to their success in basketball, it will inspire children to work just as hard in the classroom as they do on the court.
"Whether you're a player or not, a coach doesn't want to coach a player that can't remember plays or doesn't listen or doesn't follow instructions," Holden says. "So, education is super important and being able to actually talk to your teachers and professors at a level they understand you is even more important."
Graham and Holden say one of the big reasons they wanted to come out to Uniondale is because they have been so welcomed by Long Island and wanted to give back to their adopted community.