Lt. Anthony Mancuso of the FDNY gives safe grilling tips

The FDNY has some tips to grill safely this July Fourth weekend.
Lt. Anthony Mancuso says lighter fluid should not be added to the barbecue if a fire is already lit. He recommends using special containers that can keep coals closer together, reducing the size of flames and letting coals get hotter, faster. You can also use a coil that heats up when you plug it in.
Mancuso says to use protective mitts and utensils with longer handles while cooking. Short sleeves are ideal to prevent clothing from catching fire.
For those that have a propane grill, Mancuso says to examine the tank and make sure it does not have any rust, gouges or bulges on it. Any non-stick spray should be sprayed before you light the grill, and if there's a flare-up, turn it off and close the lid.
Grills and barbecues of any kind should be set up at least 10 feet away from the home or building.