Main break disrupts water service, closes streets in Port Chester

A main break has disrupted water service to a Port Chester neighborhood and has also closed streets in the village.
Water company crews are on the scene working to fix a 12-inch main on Irving Avenue. They say the break happened around 2 a.m. and water was gushing down the street.
Officials are asking people to stay out of the area of Irving Avenue, between Poningo Street, and Haseco Avenue.
Two tankers, one from Banksville and one from Bedford Hills, have been relocated to the village. 
Crews estimate about 70-80 households and businesses are currently without water
Nearby restaurants and food stores did their best to stay open using bottled water for cooking. Over at Car Quest Auto Parts, the lack of water doesn't affect them all that much, it's the road closure. "People can't get into our store because the roads are closed," says Elizabeth Guevara.
Crews say the pipe could be close to 100 years old, and it's entwined with several others so the job isn't a quick fix. They say they will have to carefully cut it out, then replace it with a new one. That will take time, and there is no word yet on just how long it will take before the water is flowing again.