Make your own souvenir or stumble upon a luscious landscape: Sugar Loaf beams with character

Just as unique as its name, Sugar Loaf is a place that beams with character.
The Orange County hamlet is also known as an art district where plenty of local businesses offer special experiences. 
J. Hengen is a clay and jewelry store where the walls are adorned with pieces you’ve never seen before. 
"Everything is made here," says owner and artist Jessica Hengen. "I have artistic neutral pallet glazes that I make myself, and then there's also my jewelry which can be purchased, or I also do custom-made."
You can even join in on the custom makes with the classes Hengen offers. She walks you through the process of making your own ring from scratch. 
"You texture it, stamp it, bend it and sotter it," she says, "and we try to wrap that all up in three hours."
After making your own Sugar Loaf souvenir, tie the bow on a beautiful day at a hidden gem down the road. 
Plenty of visitors say they end up stumbling upon Oceane Vineyards off Kings Highway. 
The small family-owned boutique winery sits on at least 170 acres with a front-row seat to nature's color pallet and luscious landscape. 
From grape to glass, the wine is made on-site. 
Pair it with a sunset and savory charcuterie board, and this road trip will feel just like the right escape.