Mamaroneck High School students return from covering Republican primary in New Hampshire

Mamaroneck High School has been organizing trips like this every four years since the 2012 presidential primary.

Nadia Galindo

Jan 25, 2024, 6:06 PM

Updated 169 days ago


Nearly 100 Mamaroneck High School students returned Wednesday from a trip to New Hampshire to witness the Republican presidential primary process.
"It was incredibly eye opening," said Katherine O'Connell, 12th grade student. "I was telling my family I don't think I've had such a mental shift in such few days."
The group of students were from AP Government and Journalism classes and some are also part of the Original Civic Research in Action group (OCRA).
Some of the journalism students are with the Mamaroneck Public Radio.
They were tasked with reporting on campaign rallies and events.
"How many chances do we get for our kids to see or our students to see what a real job feel likes in the field? To us that's the best version of education you can give them," said Evan Madin, journalism teacher.
Some journalism students shot video and took photographs for a documentary that is still in the works.
AP Government students spent time canvassing for republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, and also worked phone banks for her campaign.
"Your introducing students to the highest level of the campaign process, where its most intense you have the most partisanship," said Joe Liberti, AP US Government teacher.
This is the fourth New Hampshire primary Mamaroneck High School students have attended since 2012.
This trip allowed students, who said they live in a liberal bubble, an opportunity to meet republican voters face to face.
"We found a lot of common ground because its not what you expect when you have such different political views," said Helene Zehe, 12th grade student.

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