Man recovers after fall down elevator shaft

A Bronx deliveryman is recovering at Lincoln Hospital after falling two stories down an elevator shaft.
The fall happened Wednesday at 1160 Cromwell Ave. The deliveryman fell down the shaft when he opened the elevator door and there was no elevator.
The victim works at a nearby grocery store on Jerome Avenue. Employees say his name is Jeremito Mejia, and that he has worked at the supermarket for less than a week.
Tenants living in the apartment building say it was only a matter of time until someone was seriously hurt taking the elevator, as they have been complaining about it for two years. It is now out of commission and deemed unsafe by the Department of Buildings.
Residents say they are relieved that Mejia survived his fall. They are hoping this unfortunate incident will finally get the elevator fixed properly.
Finkelstein Timberger Realty manages the building. The company says the elevator passed all tests in October and that it is waiting for the Department of Buildings to let them know what they can do to prevent something like this from happening again.
The 74-year-old worker is listed in stable condition.