Man seen on Jet Ski during flooding in Mount Vernon

The chronic flooding problem has become more than a laughing matter.

Nadia Galindo

Jun 3, 2022, 9:21 PM

Updated 719 days ago


A man was seen on a Jet Ski during Thursday's flooding in Mount Vernon.
It happened at the intersection of South Columbus and South Third avenues.
Latoya Anderson, of Mount Vernon, took a video of it with her cellphone.
"I was like, 'Oh, that’s hilarious' because I remember it happened before,'" she said.
The chronic flooding problem has become more than a laughing matter.
"It was bad, something has to be done something really has to be done as soon as possible," Anderson said.
Mount Vernon's mayor declared a state of emergency Thursday after 4-5 inches of rainwater in less than hour caused road closures and major flooding crippling traffic and destroying property.
On Friday, crews from Mount Vernon Department of Public Works were joined by the state’s Office of Emergency Management to assess damage and remove debris flushed into the sewer system during the flash flood.
As News 12 has reported. the city’s sewer system is crumbling.
"There is a sewage problem there is, and I think they need to take some action as soon as possible," said Anderson. "I mean someone may drown."
In April, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced $150 million in state funding has been allocated to completely replace the century old infrastructure.
That project will likely take years.

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