Middletown mom says lab left her with bald spot after family court testing nightmare

A Middletown mom fighting for custody of her 3-year-old daughter in Orange County Family Court says she had a large chunk of hair cut off her head – in a court-ordered test gone wrong.
Marissa Abraham, 27, says she was ordered to have a hair follicle drug test – even though she says no allegations of drug abuse were made.
Abraham says she went to LabCorp in Goshen for the test on Wednesday.
She says they took more hair than necessary, leaving her with a huge bald spot on the top of her head.
“My impression was that it was going to be a few plucks or so. I have never dealt with this before and she went right on top of my head in a really visible spot. My head was down and I heard the scissors snap,” said Abraham.
LapCorp’s website says 90 to 100 strands are supposed to be removed during the test. News 12 found other information online that says the hair taken isn’t supposed to be thicker than the width of a pencil, and should be removed from the back of the head, by the neck, so that the spot where the hair is removed isn’t visible.
Abraham, meantime, says she’s “devastated” by the appearance of her hair and scalp following the test and says she had no idea this would be the outcome when she agreed to have the test performed as part of her efforts to obtain full custody of her daughter. 
“I’ve always gone by the court orders. I’ve always done anything the judge asked me to do. I’m doing everything I can,” says Abraham.
News 12 reached out to LabCorp for comment but haven’t heard back.