Missing high school sports? Watch archival footage from News 12 Varsity

You may not be able to catch a live game this spring due to restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic, but we can still enjoy the competition of high school sports across the tri-state via News 12 Varsity.
Hundreds of full-length contests have been archived on the News 12 Varsity YouTube page. While you can search and scroll through various games and sports, we’ll be featuring new games on our News 12 Sports Facebook page, and listing these on our site and other social pages as well.
Here’s to the student-athletes, coaches and programs who cannot play this year. It is no consolation to sit home and watch games on your computer or phone, but we can enjoy the many schools, players and games that help make up a major fabric of the community.
To kick it off, we have Long Island’s Garden City and Smithtown West playing a close non-conference boys lacrosse battle in 2019. Spoiler alert, the Trojans beat the Bulls, 10-9, in overtime.