Molinaro says he would undo TZB name change if elected governor

Republican gubernatorial candidate Marcus Molinaro has added a proposal to rename the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge -- formerly the Tappan Zee Bridge -- to his campaign platform.
"Mario was deserving of recognition, just not a bridge that already had a name," Molinaro says. 
If he's elected governor in November, he says he will undo the name change and return to calling the span the Tappan Zee.
Molinaro criticized Gov. Andrew Cuomo for renaming the bridge after his father in the first place. But he also noted that residents have garnered more than 100,000 signatures on a petition asking state officials to undo the name change.
In fact, many Tarrytown residents say they've more or less ignored the whole thing and still refer to it as the Tappan Zee Bridge.
Gov. Cuomo's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Molinaro's announcement.