Monroe Town Council candidate removed from meeting

Video shows a candidate for Monroe Town Council losing her cool on some of the people she hopes to work with, hurling profanities and accusations at one of them at a board meeting Monday night.
"Ric, I don't know how you look at yourself in the mirror," candidate Kate Troiano is shown saying to Councilman Ric Colon.  "You're a disgrace, and you're a turncoat, and you have no spine."
The outburst led Councilman Tony Cardone, who's also running for town supervisor, to call police. They arrived and removed Troiano from the meeting.
"This is the third time, I believe, she's had to be removed," Cardone says. "She was berating Councilman Colon last night. I don't feel someone with that attitude is fit to sit on the town board."
The tensions seem to date back for years, stemming from a conflict between Monroe and its neighbors in the Hassidic Jewish village of Kiryas Joel.
Neither Troiano nor the current supervisor, Harley Doles, returned calls from News 12 seeking comment. Doles was not present during the incident.
State police say Troiano left the meeting without further incident and was advised against interrupting and using profanities at future town talks.