Monroe-Woodbury H.S. teacher charged with criminally negligent homicide

A Monroe-Woodbury High School teacher is accused of causing the death of a man he threw out of a bar in the Catskills. Thomas Sebald, 27, who also works as a bouncer at the Hunter Village Inn in the Catskills, is accused of putting a bar patron in a chokehold that broke the man's windpipe and killed him Sunday. According to police, Sebald stepped in when two men at the bar were in a disagreement. A short time later, police say Sebald had 45-year-old Peter Shine in a chokehold. Once Sebald tossed Shine from the bar, police say he hit his head on a car bumper outside and was found unconscious a half-hour later. Investigators say the autopsy results show Shine died of strangulation. Sebald is on paid leave and school officials say they will evaluate his employment after the legal process is complete. He has been charged with criminally negligent homicide.