Monticello man arrested 4 times in 2 weeks by Liberty police

A Monticello man accused of repeatedly harassing a local bank employee and throwing items from their desk on multiple occasions is now in Sullivan County Jail after his fourth arrest for the alleged behavior.
Village of Liberty police say Jhaken Degroat, 31, was issued a warning and told not to return to a bank in the village in May after allegedly sending a harassing and inappropriate e-mail to an employee.
Authorities say he returned to the location on Sept. 28, in violation of a trespass affidavit, and began throwing items inside the bank. Degroat was charged with trespassing and released on an appearance ticket.
He was arrested the following day for a second time after an investigation into his conduct at the bank and charged with stalking. Police say Degroat was released on an appearance ticket in accordance with New York state bail reform laws and an order of protection was issued for the employee.
Police say Degroat returned to the bank again on Sept. 30 and was charged with contempt for violating the trespass order and an order of protection.
Degroat allegedly returned on Oct. 13 and was arrested for the fourth time, according to police, after throwing items from an employee's desk around the bank. He was charged with contempt, harassment, stalking, criminal tampering and trespassing, and sent to Sullivan County Jail on bail.
"It is incredibly disheartening and frustrating that innocent victims must be repeatedly subjected to criminal conduct by individuals who are arrested and then immediately released under bail reform laws," says Village of Liberty Police Chief Steven D’Agata. "It should not take an individual being arrested four times for flagrantly disregarding the orders of both the Police Department and a Town of Liberty Court order before he can be held on bail."
Degroat is being held on $30,000 cash bail, $60,000 secured bond and $90,000 partially secured bond.